Valley Jump Trampoline Park 4549 Spotswood Trail Penn Laird, VA 22846 540-269-3066

Frequently Asked Questions


Must I sign a waiver?

YES. Everyone jumping here at Valley Jump needs to sign a yearly updated waiver. It’s fast and easy! You can log onto your member portal on our website, or use our waiver station when you arrive at Valley Jump. 

If you are under the age of 18, a waiver may be signed by a parent or legal guardian. Family members, including Grandparents, siblings, Aunts, Uncles, babysitters/nannies, etc without a court-issued guardianship are not considered legal guardians. No worries though! If you are bringing someone under the age of 18 without their parents or guardian, waivers can be signed ahead of time by a legal parent or guardian at Permission by phone is not acceptable.


Can I watch while my kids jump?
Of course! To watch your kids jump a ticket is not required!

What is a great age to start jumping at Valley Jump?
If you can walk, and do not have health issues that would permit you from jumping safely, you can jump! For any health concerns, please consult your doctor/physician before jumping.

Are Jump Socks required?

Yes! For safety, and cleanliness, we ask that you wear trampoline approved Jump Socks. Jump Socks can be bought online ahead of time and picked up at the front desk when you check in. We also have trampoline approved socks available in our store for $2.00 a pair and they are reusable.  You may also use Jump Socks from another trampoline park as long as they have no holes, or visible wearing. 

What should I wear while jumping at Valley Jump?
Please wear comfortable, not loose, clothing while jumping. Every jumper is expected to wear trampoline socks. If you do not have your own, a pair may be purchased at the front desk of Valley Jump.

Is there a weight limit on the trampolines?
Yes. We ask that no friends over 300 lbs jump on the trampolines.

Does Valley Jump have party rooms? Does Valley Jump host parties?
Here at Valley Jump, we love celebrating your special party, or occasion, with you! No cooking, cleaning, or mess for you! Sit back and relax as a dedicated party attendant will assist with setup and clean up. Please visit our Party Information section for more information. 

A small selection of outside food/beverages will be permitted including water, juice, soda, cake, cupcakes, veggie/fruit tray, prepackaged snack foods. We also allow pizza to be ordered and delivered to the Park in the name of the Party host.

Can Valley Jump be rented for a Private Party?
Valley Jump can be rented for a Private party, but we ask that you email us at to inquire about pricing.


Do you sell food at Valley Jump?
We have a variety of convenience items available at Valley Jump Café, including, but not limited to ICEES, Soda, and a variety of prepackaged snack foods.